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Call Us - Share Your GLT Story

Call (309) 438-WGLT and leave us a voicemail sharing your GLT story. We'll use your comments on the air to convince other listeners to support GLT.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Why do you listen to GLT?
  • Why should other people listen to GLT?
  • What would your world be like without GLT?
  • How did you discover GLT?
  • Tell us about your favorite driveway moment.
  • What's your favorite GLT/NPR show (s)?
  • When do you listen to GLT and what are you doing while you're listening?
  • If you contribute to help support GLT, why?
  • What would you say to convince someone else to support GLT?

Give it a little thought and then tell us your GLT story at (309) 438-WGLT, or (309) 438-9458. Thanks!