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4/8/15  UPDATE/ We're Back to Full Power!

As of 4/8/15, the damaged antenna part has been repaired and installed. We're back to full power.  Thanks again for your patience and let us know if you still have problems receiving our signal.

Here's a brief history of the problem and our work to solve it:

Early Thursday 1/22/15, GLT's main transmitter shut down and would not restart. We are now broadcasting on our backup transmitter. As a result, some GLT listeners outside of McLean County will have problems picking up our broadcast signal.

On 2/3/15 we located what appears to be the damaged part of antenna that caused the problem and brought it to the ground. The  damaged equipment has been sent to the manufacturer for repair. This will most likely take a month, maybe longer. As a result, GLT is still broadcasting at low power.

2/13/15: Peoria listeners who listen on 103.5 FM: as of today you should be able to tune into GLT again! GLT engineers have put together a temporary internet based fix. We are still working to restore reliable full service for all GLT listeners.

4/1/5: The repaired antenna component has finally made it's way back from the west coast manufacturer! We plan to hire a tower crew and have it re-installed the week of April 6, 2015.

4/6/14: The repaired antenna component is installed and tested.

4/8/15: GLT Engineers Mark Hill and Travis Meadors give the high sign! It's all good and we're back to full power.

Our streaming services, GLT News & Ideas, GLT Blues Radio, GLT Jazz, and Acousticity are operating as usual.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue to check back here for updates on our progress.  Thank you for your patience.

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